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My thoughts: Compassion and Understanding

Going through a rough patch at work at the moment. Nothing to do with me (because I always try to keep out of the drama at work) but as an observer and listener, I see and hear things that makes me upset. I’m not the most eloquent person and things tend to sound better in my head then on paper but I felt the need to write this out.

A little compassion and understanding is all that is needed to make someone feel better yet it seems to be one of the rarest and hardest things to come across. It is easy to openly criticise and see the worse in others. Is it because it makes us feel better about ourselves? A sense of security that you are not the only one with faults? We are human therefore we will always make mistakes and we will always fail… the important thing is to look beyond these and embrace both the good and bad. So the next time you are tempted to put someone down – stop for a moment and try for a little understanding, attempt to walk in their shoes for a few seconds, think about the unspoken words and reasons and endeavour for a little compassion. Chances are, one day you will be that person too.

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